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Rental & Insurance Conditions
REX does not sell insurance to its clients. For an additional daily charge, REX offers Super CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) to eliminate risks in case of an accident. It is mandatory for renting the car that the client accept it. Super CDW fees depend on the car category.

Car Rental Company: REX
Category Liability Waiver
(Per Day)
B- Medium cars 20.00 CUC
C/c- Standard cars 20.00 CUC
D- Standard High 25.00 CUC
E- Premium 30.00 CUC
F/f- Luxury 35.00 CUC
G/g- Jeep 30.00 CUC
H- Minivan 30.00 CUC
I- Sport 40.00 CUC

Super CDW: This coverage totally exempts the client if the car is damaged, unless an infringement of the rentals terms occurs. This coverage is not valid for a driver not registered in the rental agreement.

Super CDW does not cover loss or damage to accessories (wiper blades, antenna, mirrors, etc). These charges will be paid directly by the customer.

The client will lose the amount of the CDW and will pay for the damages if:
• The car is used to transport persons or goods in a lucrative way or with criminal purposes.
• The driver is under the influence of narcotics, alcohol, medicines, etc.
• The car is used to transport flammable material or explosives.
• The car is driven by a person not authorized as driver o co-driver in the rental agreement.
• The police report establishes a violation of rental terms.
• There is negligence or incorrect driving of the vehicle.
• The vehicle is used to participate in any motor sport or in a racing manner.
• The vehicle is used to tow or move another vehicle or trailer without the acceptance of REX.


REX will charge the following penalties:
• If the client breaks, damages or loses his/her copy of the rental agreement: 50 CUC
• If the license plate is lost: 120.00 CUC
• If the car is returned extremely dirty or if it was used to transport animals: 50.00 CUC
• If one or more car carpets are lost: 50.00 CUC (complete set will be charged)
• If the car is returned by a co-driver: 50.00 CUC
• If the car key is lost: 200.00 CUC
• If the key is left inside the car the charge for delivering the spare key is 50.00 CUC in Havana City and 100.00 CUC in the other provinces.

Rental Conditions

REX has the following terms and conditions which are accepted by the client upon signature of the rental agreement.

• The rental period is calculated in days and hours and will not exceed 60 days. Hereafter, the contract has to be renewed.
• If rental time exceed one month the client will be held responsible for informing REX if the car has its programmed maintenance and will agree the time and rental office for the vehicle exchange.
• Vehicle should be returned at the agreed time and place. REX is entitle to demand full compensation for any loss or expense, caused by failure to do so.
• REX has taken every precaution to avoid faults in the vehicle. REX can not be held responsible for any unforeseen situation, not for any consequence resulting from them.
• REX can not be held responsible for objects and/or personal items forgotten by the client or other passengers in the vehicle nor for them being stolen due to client or passengers negligence.
• The client shall not make any changes in the structure, form or decoration of the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Maintenance and repair of the vehicle must only be done by REX.

Cars are delivered with a full tank and its value will be charged at the official established price at the beginning of the rental. Charges differ regarding car model and fuel type. Is not compulsory to return the car with fuel. Client is solely responsible for refilling the car with the fuel type established by REX.

REX allows to add two additional drivers in the rental agreement contract (besides the renter) for a charge of 10.00 CUC each. They should show a driver’s license with minimum 1 year issued except for I category (Sport) that should be 3 years minimum.

Co-drivers are only authorized for driving the vehicle. They can not:

• Rent or return the car.
• Receive cash refunds.
• Request for car extensions.

If is detected the vehicle is driven by a non authorized person (a person not included in the rental agreement) REX will proceed to close the rental agreement and the client will lose the amount of money corresponding to the rental days still not used and the guarantee deposit.

Airport fee
REX will charge a 20.00 CUC fee for rentals starting at airport offices.

Driver’s License
Renter as well as co-drivers must show a driver’s license with minimum 1 year issued except for I category (sport) that should be 3 years minimum. If driver’s license is not in Spanish or English language, then an international driver’s license will be required.

Traffic fines
Traffic and parking fines are client’s responsibility. REX will charge them in the rental agreement as established in rental terms and by the Cuban law.

These are only the most important car rental conditions and their purpose is merely informative.